Hello, Sunshine!

CoCreative Interiors Founder

A little about me

Welcome to my playground!

I’m Misty Molloy, Founder + CoCreative Director of CoCreative Interiors, a design firm based in the Lake Norman area outside of Charlotte, North Carolina.

CoCreative Interiors was born to empower you to trust your ability to design spaces that are a true reflection of your story, style, needs, and budget.

A master of outside-the-box solutions that make life easier (no really, I hold a Masters in Organizational Design), I’m obsessed with streamlining spaces for optimum functionality. I bring my background in full-service design and an in-depth understanding of the industry to help you make design decisions with confidence.

From furniture proportions to choosing the types of fabric that best meet your family’s needs, my team helps you avoid pitfalls. We also make sure you’re spending money where it matters most for maximum impact.

At CoCreative Interiors, we’re not afraid to help you push boundaries – combining colors, patterns, prints. and textures. Our team develops unique, layered designs that are full of personality, polish, and function for your family.

Meet the team

Alyssa Hamamgian

CoCreative Designer

Alyssa (a.k.a. the “Master Stylist”) keeps the train on the tracks, obsessed with pulling together a design with unique finishing touches.

Alyssa’s eye for beautiful spaces started with faces. She built a 16-year career as an international makeup artist and training director. Accustomed to working with luxury brands, she’s collaborated with Trish McEvoy, Dolce & Gabbana, and FEKKAI.

Never one to buy things simply to fill space, Alyssa’s secret sauce is her ability to understand your likes and what’s special about you and your people. She uses those details to find pieces to tell your story.

She’s the hostess with the mostest and lives to deliver exceptional experiences. When you’re lost in the weeds or suffering from decision fatigue, she brings order to chaos. Her years of training have taught her how to tie up the technical aspects of a project with a pretty bow. (If you like bows, of course!)

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Get to know us a bit better

Juicy Tidbits

> Favorite Design Style

Misty: Hollywood Regency meets Grandmillenial
Alyssa: Classical European meets French Country

> Favorite Design Moment

Misty: A client surprised his wife by adding a powder room redesign to their project and asked us to design the space without her knowing about the plan. She cried at the big reveal, touched by her husband’s thoughtfulness and thrilled with the unexpected transformation. I live for cheeky-chic design that includes personal touches in a refined way, but seeing clients’ reactions to their spaces brings such joy to my work.
Alyssa: We used all of a client’s mismatched tchotchkes — pieces that had family memories and history — to style her space. These pieces meant so much to her, but she had no idea how to use them in her design. She cried at the reveal and spent 30 minutes admiring the display while telling us story after story about each piece. I knew then and there that creating personal design was what I was meant to do.

> Ideal Saturday Afternoon

Misty:  Chasing after my two boys (three, if you count my husband) or searching for treasures. “Cookie-cutter” is a dirty word, and I love finding vintage, antique, and unique pieces.
Alyssa: Spending time with my family and finishing home projects (a never-ending task), or hunting for fun finds that tell a story and have personal meaning, both for myself and for our clients.

What we’re about

The CoCreative Tenets

01: Our job is to support our client’s vision and co-create the home of their dreams.

02: Designing a beautiful space is not enough! We aren’t done until it’s also functional and comfortable.

03: We thrive on systems and processes. Meaning, you get a fun and stress-free experience.

What that means is

We Believe:

1) You need help kickstarting your project.

With so many possible directions to take, getting a project started is often the hardest part. We’ll help you decide what will work in your space and what floor plan will work best for your needs. We’ll also help you figure out what you can repurpose and what needs to go.

2) You’d rather not make mistakes.

As if deciding whether or not you like the style of an item isn’t hard enough, selecting pieces that will fit your space and your needs can be paralyzing. We’ll share insider tips on things like performance fabrics, rug types, light sizing, etc. Our professional expertise helps you avoid mistakes.

3) You need a “guy” (or “gal”) for that.

At some point, you’ll need help connecting with trusted professionals who provide the services you need to finish a space — handymen, wallpaper installers, painters, custom window treatment workrooms, carpenters, art framers, etc. We bridge this gap to help you keep the ball rolling.

4) A designer should see your space in person.

E-design can be a great option, but most of us need a more hands-on and personalized approach. Visiting your home, seeing your space and existing pieces in person… taking measurements and photos… gives us a true sense of your home and its unique challenges.

5) We all like to be in control of our purchases.

Our goal is to empower you to make confident purchasing decisions by arming you with the design knowledge you need. Though we offer a plan that includes links for recommended items, you can easily find alternatives using the details we provide, including dimensions, colors, and style.

Ready to get started?

Whether you need the finishing touches or the whole shebang, every CoCreative collaboration goes down as easy as a champagne brunch.

CoCreative Interiors Misty Molloy