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Start your project off on the right foot

Project Planner & Workbook

Do you have a space you want to redesign, but you need some guidance to get started?

Grab the Project Planner and Workbook to figure out:

  • Is the main problem a style issue, or a functional one?
  • How much can you expect to budget?
  • How does Target pricing compare to custom?

And of COURSE we’ve included the most important info… 

“I never thought that I would be the type of person who would hire an interior decorator, but looking at Pinterest makes me nauseous and going to furniture stores makes me anxious. When we moved and couldn’t fit our old furniture into the new space… Misty was able to create a room that is classy, yet comfortable and stylish, yet personalized. I would recommend her to anyone, from those with a phobia of decorating to those who love it but might need a little help.”



CoCreative Interiors is a residential design firm located outside Charlotte, NC.

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