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Starting from scratch or
zhush-ing up?

Your home is far too personal to farm out design to a stranger on the internet…

And handing over the reins completely is a recipe for sleepless nights. You know what you love (mostly) but don’t know where to begin or how to pull it all together, and you’re afraid you’ll make a costly mistake.

At CoCreative Interiors, we fill the gap between e-design and full-service design. We make sure we understand what you love and how you plan to use your space. Then we guide you through the design process so your home reflects your style and story before taking you across the finish line with done-for-you styling to pull it all together. 

Sound good to you?

Your shoulders are relaxing already

Feel lighter in your home

  • Get a fresh take on your space! Our plan will lay everything out without the overwhelm.
  • Feel confident knowing your furniture sizes make sense and that those ‘weird’ spaces will work.
  • Borrow our professional eye to select colors, patterns, pieces, and textures that work together.
  • Finish incomplete projects! Get help with the final details that make a space truly spectacular.

Let’s get started

Our Services


The Zhush

The Zhush is perfect for you if:

– You have foundational pieces but need help arranging your space and adding the finishing touches to pull it all together.

– You want someone else to take care of the final details that make your design finished and unique.

– Your space feels 80% done and you can’t seem to find the right pieces or the time to cross the finish line.

– You want an expert to purchase the visual elements – rugs, lamps, accessories – to complete the space.

– You can’t style a shelf to save your life or figure out how to display your favorite pieces for a cohesive look.

– Your idea of heaven is having someone else magically finish your space while you put up your feet, sip a sweet tea and relax.


The Shebang

The Shebang is perfect for you if:

– You’re starting from the ground up and need help selecting your foundational pieces.

– You have tons of ideas and a general plan but are stuck and don’t know how to get started.

– You want to get the biggest bang for your buck because you have some big pieces to buy.

– You enjoy searching for furnishing options but won’t pull the trigger because you’re afraid of making a mistake.

– You don’t mind the legwork of following a plan on your own but want a professional to help you finalize decisions.

– You’re considering custom elements like window treatments or built-ins and want access to tradespeople you can trust.

the finishing touches

The Zhush

Investment: $2,500

Offered as a standalone service or included as part of The Shebang (see below), The Zhush is for you if you have the foundational pieces but still can’t answer, “How do I finish this space?”

We source and purchase those tricky finishing items on your behalf, including accent tables, lamps, rugs, accessories, curtains, art, and more.

Installation day is scheduled once any primary pieces have been successfully delivered to your home. Our crew arranges furnishings and styles everything for the final reveal!

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What to expect & what you get

The Details

During your scheduled 60-minute initial Zhush session, you can expect to:
  • Assess the current project space by taking measurements and photos
  • Review the style questionnaire you submitted
  • Document any existing items you want to incorporate into the design
  • Use inspiration images to communicate the direction for the project
  • Set a baseline cost estimate for the project
  • Address any questions about your plan and the CoCreative process
The Zhush deliverables include:
  • Selecting and purchasing accent pieces and accessories
  • Exclusive access to our Rolodex of trusted project professionals
  • Planning and carrying out installation to complete your space
  • Coordination of any installation support needing skilled professionals

Ready to go from 80% finished to 100%?

“I never thought that I would be the type of person who would hire an interior decorator, but looking at Pinterest makes me nauseous and going to furniture stores makes me anxious. When we moved and couldn’t fit our old furniture into the new space… Misty was able to create a room that is classy, yet comfortable and stylish, yet personalized. I would recommend her to anyone, from those with a phobia of decorating to those who love it but might need a little help.”

Michella Kippes

The master plan + the zhush

The Shebang

Investment: $4,500

The Shebang lays the foundation for your design project. It includes The Zhush and is the answer to the question “Where do I even start with this space?” Our collaborative design process provides a roadmap for you to purchase your foundational pieces yourself.

In your plan we include details and purchasing options while also offering flexibility to ensure the end result is a true reflection of your style, needs, and budget.

Once your foundational pieces are in place, we follow up with The Zhush, purchasing styling and accent pieces for you.

Installation day is scheduled once any primary pieces have been successfully delivered to your home. Our crew arranges furnishings and styles everything so you can relax and enjoy your fully finished space!

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What to expect & what you get

The Details

What to expect during your scheduled 60-minute initial Shebang session:
  • Tour and discuss the spaces and projects to be completed
  • Assess your stuck points, needs, goals and priorities
  • Set an initial budget estimate for the project based on your vision
  • Take a fresh look at existing pieces you’d like to consider using in your design plan
  • Establish an overall direction for your design aesthetic
  • Address any questions about your plan and the CoCreative process
The Shebang deliverables include:
  • To-scale floor plans to show you what goes where and how each piece will fit
  • Storyboards with clickable links to foundational items you can purchase
  • Custom color scheme to create a cohesive look and feel
  • Lighting plan to suit the functionality and mood of your space
  • Design for any custom elements, i.e. wallpaper, built-ins, and drapery
  • Conceptual styling plan showing how we will bring your design to life
  • Virtual Design Presentation session
  • Exclusive access to our Rolodex of trusted project professionals
  • All processes and deliverables included in The Zhush service (detailed above)

Ready to go from to-do to done?

“I hired this firm to assist me with figuring out how to decorate small rooms after I moved to the area. Misty and Alyssa were great at communicating their ideas and sent me a floor plan with links to pieces they suggested would work for me. They were so pleasant, professional, and knowledgeable!”

Lynn Didieo

Here’s how we do it

Our Design Process



Book your Discovery Call


Schedule your initial session



Review your post-session proposal


Review your project design plan


Schedule final Zhush installation

When I moved to the Charlotte area, I had let go of most of my furniture with the exception of a few key pieces that had meaning to me. None of them really went with each other. Enter CoCreative Interiors. Misty and her team were able to listen and imagine for me what I couldn’t quite define for myself until I saw it. She helped me design a stunning home that’s genuinely reflective of me.

Jenn fear

You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers


Do you offer consultations only?

A consultation is built into our services within an initial session but is not offered as a standalone service. We limit our number of clients to provide exceptional experiences and exceptional results.

    How do you define a space?

    A ‘space’ is any area that could be enclosed with walls and feel like its own room. Pricing for smaller spaces is adjusted based on size, design needs, and overall project scope. e.g. powder rooms, foyers, and mudrooms. Even nooks and crannies that would benefit from a splash of pizzazz, like that empty corner in your kitchen. The more you design, the better the pricing!

    How do you define “foundational pieces”?

    Foundational pieces are those pieces that require detailed floor plan development and selection of primary furnishings that need to be precise, such as sofas, chairs, dining sets, bedroom suites, etc. The Shebang plan delivery includes a breakdown of pieces needed and their specifications, such as ideal dimensions, style, color, material, etc.

    Do I approve all items for The Zhush?

    To keep the process moving as quickly and smoothly as possible, clients do not pre-approve Zhush items. Our team is skilled at using our unique CoCreative design process to uncover your style and select reflective items.

    Does The Zhush have any additional charges?

    Additional charges may include: specialized support above and beyond basic installation, i.e. hanging curtains or anything heavy on the walls, extensive assembly needs, installing light fixtures, etc. – billed separately by the installation crew at an average of $150/hr and always discussed beforehand.

    Flat fee pricing covers The Zhush prep, initial session, conceptual design, plan review, item sourcing, and installation but does not include any items required for completing the space. Zhush styling budgets start at $1,500. You receive an estimate based on your needs, and we work together to set a realistic budget for these items. 

    Do you incorporate existing pieces?

    Yes, we love using existing pieces whenever possible! We take measurements of these pieces and include them in your floor plan to determine what will work best and what you may need to complement them. We also love styling with items you already have – magic can be made with what you own.

    Do you purchase items for clients?

    We purchase accessories and accent items to complete your space – rugs, small tables, curtains, lamps, pillows, art, plants, etc. We may also recommend select pieces that are available via trade-only sources to elevate a design or meet your specific needs. Our library of goodies includes fabrics and wallpaper as well as lighting.

    You may use your detailed design plan, complete with clickable links, to purchase recommended pieces on your own. We source these items based on your preferences and investment goals from online retailers such as Pottery Barn, Ballard Designs, Restoration Hardware, Bassett, West Elm and Crate&Barrel as well as artisans and vintage dealers. We may also offer to purchase items from designer-only vendors for unique pieces that you won’t see in everyone else’s home.

    From where do you purchase items?

    Local vintage and antique stores like The Depot at Gibson Mill, estate sales, Nadeau, HomeGoods, Target, World Market, Amazon, IKEA, and even a select number of trade-only vendors – you name it. In addition to our revolving collection of favorite finds, we source pieces specifically for each client for a personalized touch.

    Do you design custom items?

    Absolutely! We are happy to design custom elements, such as window treatments, pillows and cushions. You will have access to a selection of designer fabrics and wallpaper, which we will source and purchase on your behalf. Our network includes a professional workroom who will measure, make, and install custom treatments, including drapery, shutters, shades, cushions and pillows.

    We provide an initial plan and inspiration to help you carry out your project with your carpenter, handyman, painter, etc. CoCreative Interiors does not provide detailed drawings or project management. Our network includes these types of professionals as well.

    Do you manage installation?

    Yes, we provide a ‘reveal style’ installation day. Clients are required to assemble their foundational pieces and have them ready to go in the space prior to installation. (Don’t have time to assemble items? No worries! We’ve got resources if you want to outsource.) During installation, we put everything in its place, including the recommended foundational pieces you’ve purchased and assembled per your plan.

    Clients may need to manage installation of certain elements on their own (e.g. hanging wallpaper) prior to scheduling The Zhush installation. Otherwise, our team coordinates the crew required for handling all finishing touches on installation day.

    We do not offer project management for needs such as wallpaper installation, custom drapery, or built-ins. We do, however, provide an overarching investment estimate and design direction along with a timeline for each phase of the process as well as access to our list of vetted professionals to make sure you have who and what you need to complete your project. Our network also includes resources if project management isn’t your jam and you want to outsource!

    What can I expect on installation day?

    Reveal Day is scheduled once all pieces have been delivered and primary design elements, i.e. paint and wallpaper, are in place. The finishing touches are pulled together in preparation for adding the “zhush” to your final design. Plan to spend Reveal Day away from home while we work our magic, as seeing your rooms when fully finished is best – not to mention way more exciting! We close out the day with a photoshoot of the space to capture the transformation.

    Clients are responsible for ensuring the spaces to be redesigned and all furnishings are ready to go in preparation for The Zhush. This preparation includes clearing the rooms of anything not staying in the space, assembling all pieces ordered and moving those pieces into the space.

    How long will my project take?

    Start dates and timelines are based on project scope and the CoCreative Interiors’ project calendar and book out six to eight weeks in advance. Generally speaking, design plans are available for your review four to six weeks after your initial planning session. The Zhush is scheduled once all foundational pieces have been delivered to your home, typically within 2-3 weeks.

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