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Whimsical Windsor

This 1940s Sedgefield bungalow was a diamond in the rough. When houses around her were being torn down to make way for new builds, she stood her ground to prove that newer and bigger isn’t always better. The bones were there – and beauty stems from bones with potential. She just needed new life and a dose of modern family functionality. Sam invested in preserving history and into using what she loves, which translated into a Grandmillenial design with a fresh, fun vibe.

I partnered with Misty and team on a few projects in my house (functional mudroom/laundry, a completely reimagined office and finishing my main living spaces). I had a decent foundation but didn’t know where to start. Misty made me feel comfortable, and the finished product is more than I could have even imagined. I finally feel like my house is finished and functional! There are so many little touches that feel like I would have gotten them myself. Her personal touch can be felt in every room she did – the family room feels even bigger and brighter, and I love how she was able to keep and hide my boys’ trains. She really kept my house livable and functional but with such detail, design and style. The little details are my favorite – like the basket for my yoga mats and the small knick knacks for my bookshelf. It is a joy working with Misty, and I highly recommend her.


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You love neutrals? Use what you love. Just don’t go neutral because you’re afraid to step outside the norm in favor of “safe.” The more unique the design, the more timeless your space will be because it doesn’t speak to trends. It speaks to YOU. And you, my friend, are timeless.

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