State of the Interior Design Industry in 2022

Jun 15, 2022

The past two years have been a rollercoaster for the interior design industry. The pandemic brought up a lot of issues for designers and their clients, causing lengthy project timelines, hard-to-get (or never-to-get) pieces, and increased prices.

Even as we seem to be somewhat returning to normal, the industry continues to face uncertainty. As lovers of using what you have and finding existing pieces to add soul to a design, we’re sharing our favorite tips and tricks for moving your project forward no matter what is happening in the world. 

Supply Shortages for the interior design industry

Most manufacturers have been far behind on production over the past two years due to quarantines, labor shortages, and travel restrictions. When you order an item, it often does not ship immediately. Instead, the item must be manufactured. 

interior design industry shipping delays

Delivery Times

Since manufacturing takes longer and items are not on hand for immediate shipment, delivery times are extended as well. Manufacturers are often waiting for materials on their end as well, leading to longer project timelines. Add in shipping delays due to port closures, COVID shutdowns throughout the world and labor shortages, and the wait time can seem ridiculous.

Increased Prices

Supply chain issues and fulfillment delays have also led to increased prices. Material costs, finished product pricing, and shipping costs have quickly shot up. Higher prices affect consumers’ end cost. As prices continue to fluctuate, giving some leeway for extra costs will help when planning your interior design project. Check out our free Design Planner and Design Budget Calculator to get started.

How to Avoid Current interior design Industry Problems

If you spent any time on Pinterest, Instagram or TikTok during the past two years, you probably saw an increase in home projects. Many people spent quarantine learning how to paint furniture or reupholster existing pieces – or simply started searching for used furniture and antiques to add to their home.

Using what you have or finding existing pieces are great ways to work around industry challenges caused by the pandemic. While purchasing things brand new is fun, so much fantastic furniture, decor and accessories already exist. Uncovering these treasures just takes a little imagination and effort, and sometimes elbow grease.

Vintage & Antique Hunting

The easiest way to find furniture and accessories for your home is to look locally. At CoCreative Interiors, we LOVE hunting for the perfect pieces at our local antique stores, yard sales, or on local online marketplaces.

While hunting for these treasures can be more time-consuming, it’s FUN! Not only do you get to consider how a unique find will fit into your space, but you can also use your imagination to make changes to the things you find to make them just perfect.

Painted Furniture

If you are out treasure hunting, you’ll probably find pieces that will work perfectly with a little bit of work. Items like shelves, dressers and furniture with wood elements can be painted. Right now, Pinterest is filled with gorgeous brightly colored furniture that has been transformed from fine to fabulous with some glossy paint. Check out this handy tutorial about painting furniture. Painting is one of the easiest ways to add color and modernize a piece. 


Older furniture was built to last. You can find great quality pieces of furniture in second-hand stores, on Facebook or other local marketplaces, on Craigslist, or in antique stores. Usually, the bones of the piece are great, but it needs to be recovered. You also might have a great piece in your home now that simply does not match the new vibe you are trying to create. These older pieces can be brought back to life with new fabric. 

From hobbyists to professionals, you can hire a reupholsterer to breathe new life into your pieces and turn them into exactly what you need to fit your design plan. If you are feeling especially crafty, you can attempt to recover pieces on your own. Start with something simple like a barstool or dining chair with a removable seat if you are new to upholstering. Here is a handy how-to guide on recovering a seat: How to Recover a Seat

CoCreative Interiors’ Unique Design Process

While we did not develop our unique project model because of industry problems, we can help address them with our flexible design services. Our team develops a complete design plan, providing links to pieces that you purchase directly from retailers. This setup allows you to take advantage of economies of scale – basically, you’ll get better pricing, especially on shipping. 

This model also allows you to find the perfect pieces, from treasure hunting in local antique stores to scouring secondhand marketplaces online. Your design plan will include details to help you find just the right piece should you want to use something other than the suggested retail selections.

Here are the details of our two services:

The Zhush

  • Custom color scheme created for a cohesive look and feel
  • Inspiration images to show the style of pieces our team will purchase
  • A pre-recorded video that walks you through the design direction
  • Custom element details (like wallpaper), if applicable
  • Conceptual styling plan showing how we will bring your design to life
  • Selecting and purchasing accent pieces and accessories
  • Exclusive access to our list of trusted project professionals
  • Planning and carrying out the installation and styling to complete your space
  • Coordination of any installation support needing skilled professional

The Shebang

Everything from The Zhush PLUS:

  • Floor plans to show you what goes where and how each piece will fit
  • Storyboards with clickable links to foundational items suggested for your plan
  • Guidelines for selecting your foundational pieces, including ideal measurements
  • Lighting plan to suit the functionality and mood of your space
  • Conceptual styling plan showing how we will bring your design to life
  • Real-time virtual plan review session
  • A recording of your virtual review session

Whether you want to redesign your entire home or you want to make updates using what you have with a few new pieces, the current issues in the interior design industry may be challenging. We love helping our clients with design in Charlotte, NC create a design plan and source the items they need as efficiently as possible. If you want to learn more, you’re invited to schedule a complimentary discovery call. When you’re ready, our free Project Planner and Design Workbook with Budget Calculator will help you get started.


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