What is My Interior Design Style?

Nov 17, 2021

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What is My Interior Design Style? Here’s Our Top 5

“What is my interior design style?” This seemingly simple question can be challenging to answer – I get it. How do you nail down your style when you are drawn to different elements that seem mismatched?

“I love classic, neutral design! But I love bold wallpaper, too… I really like this piece, but it doesn’t seem to fit my aesthetic. I thought I knew my style, but an inspo image with a totally different vibe caught my eye. Now what?”

Here’s the good news – your style doesn’t have to fit neatly into a design box. Pulling together a space that reflects your taste creates a style statement unique to you. Easier said than done, right?

Like you, all interior designers have a certain je ne sais quoi, a style that cannot be described or named easily. Pay attention when indescribable design grabs your attention – it provides insight into what you love.

Hiring an interior designer is a big decision, and finding one with a je ne sais quoi that makes you say, “YES!” helps narrow the decision-making process. Ultimately, finding the common thread that ties individual pieces together helps reveal your individual style.

CoCreative Interiors’ style is best described as Grandmillenial meets Palm Beach Chic mixed with Traditional details and a dash of Hollywood Regency + Art Deco for good measure. When distilled into the most basic elements, this style embodies color, texture, vintage-inspired details, and unique pieces to create comfortable sophistication.

Here’s a rundown of our top five design styles. Which of them resonate with you?


The one style that captures my interior design heart? Grandmillennial. This style is quickly gaining popularity as Millennials (30s to early 40s) rebel against the minimalist aesthetic and aim to recreate the warmth and nostalgia reminiscent of their childhood homes. Grandmillenialism puts a modern twist on the classic design of the past: structured drapery, interesting wallpaper, floral prints, and colorful palettes.

Rather than following trends, those who love the Grandmillennial style incorporate elements that reflect their interests and personality, combining them with cozy, comfortable design. Short for “Grandma Millennial” and sometimes called “Granny-Chic,” this style is rooted in the past but adds a fresh spin with bright color, curated collections, and mixed materials. 

Colorful living room in grandmillenial interior design style

Elements of Grandmillenial Interior Design Style

  • Fun patterns for curtains, upholstery, and wall coverings 
  • Bold prints within a consistent color palette to create a cohesive and layered look
  • Curated, collected pieces – the antithesis of mass-market furniture sets
  • Layered accessories that reflect the personality of those who call the space home

Photo: Tiffany Ringwald Photography

Palm Beach Chic

Two words define my love of Palm Beach Chic: COLOR and TEXTURE! Rooms filled with vibrant hues and textural materials = instant happiness. Combining Grandmillenial, Hollywood Regency, and Art Deco elements, this design style feels fun, airy, and playful, fitting perfectly into my “cheeky-chic” aesthetic. Clean lines and a bright white palette base, which provides a foundation to ensure cohesiveness, serve as the basis for most Palm Beach Chic designs. 

Elements of Palm Beach Chic Interior Design Style

  • Bold colors palettes like fuschia, kelly green, turquoise, and yellows
  • Tropical touches like palm fronds give a subtle nod to the carefree coastal life
  • Bamboo, rattan, and wicker furniture, accessories, and art

Photo: Tiffany Ringwald Photography


You may be surprised to see Traditional interior design on my inspiration list, but traditional does not mean boring! Traditional design is timeless and often incorporates items from the past like antiques, cherished family treasures, and pieces with history.

Inspired by the 18th & 19th-century homes. Traditional design is based on a calm and orderly space with matching furniture and symmetry. While my taste tends toward color, bold patterns, and texture, the basics of the traditional interior design style are found throughout our work. Clean lines, symmetrical layouts, and an appreciation for – you guessed it – tradition can be found in all of our designs.

In true Grandmillenial fashion, traditional pieces are often updated with new fabric and a fresh coat of paint. These updates put a modern spin on faithful classics. Doing so offers the opportunity to add heirloom items and one-of-a-kind finds that bring a sense of soul to any space. 

Elements of Traditional Interior Design Style

  • Color palettes are usually dark and warm with lots of wood elements
  • Furniture can be heavy and more ornate in style
  • Architectural details like crown molding, columns, and wood paneling are typical
  • Room design is centered around a focal point, like a fireplace or picture window

Photo: Tiffany Ringwald Photography

Hollywood Regency

Aptly named, Hollywood Regency style is inspired by the 1930s golden age of cinema. Also known as Regency Moderne or Hollywood Glam, it rose to popularity between 1920 and 1950. During this time opulent movie sets set the stage (pun intended) for a new and enduring aesthetic. Pulling inspiration from this style means turning up the glam in an eclectic yet sophisticated way. Metal accents, lush fabrics, and deep jewel tones are hallmarks of true Hollywood regency style.

Elements of Hollywood Regency Interior Design Style

  • Furniture size is on the smaller side as furnishings are not the focal point of the room
  • Decor lighting, accessories, and accents add the wow factor
  • Lush fabrics like velvet and silk with over-the-top details, such as fringe
  • Metallic and glass accents in hardware, furniture, and lighting

Photo: Tori Hartwell Photography

Art Deco

Art Deco, short for Art Décoratifs, is often thought to be the same as Hollywood Regency. Though Art Deco features similar opulence, it does not have the same eclectic feel. With Great Gatsby flair, the artwork, geometric lines, and structure of this style are easy to spot and add a distinct touch to elevate any design.

Entryway with geometric rug and art deco light fixture

Elements of Art Deco Interior Design Style

  • Angular and geometric shapes in furniture, accessories, and textiles
  • Highly polished woods or other high-shine finished materials
  • Mirrored surfaces, from walls to furniture tops

Photo: Tori Hartwell Photography


The exact opposite of Minimalism, Maximalism is the epitome of over-the-top style. Maximalism showcases one’s personality and experiences through design and decor.

Though a seemingly mishmash of elements, Maximalist design showcases a curated collection of existing pieces paired with bold colors, layered patterns, and busy accessorizing. 

True Maximalism is characterized by adding items that enhance a design rather than simply adding elements for the sake of doing so.

Wallpapered bathroom with kelly green vanity in maximalism interior design style

Elements of Maximalism Interior Design Style

  • Mixing and matching textures and colors
  • Rich, bold colors 
  • Repetitive patterns, such as florals, animal prints, and abstracts
  • Curated collections of accessories that reflect one’s personality

Photo: Tori Hartwell Photography

Nailing down your interior design style isn’t hard because you don’t know what you like. It’s hard because you do, but you can’t figure out how to pull together all the pieces.

Send us a note if you know what you want but are overwhelmed and stuck. CoCreative Interiors’ signature, collaborative process is designed to help you use what you love and create a home that reflects your own je ne sais quoi.




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