How to Style Your Home Interior

Jun 8, 2022

Scratching the itch to change up your home? You may not need a total overhaul! Many of our clients are looking for a home refresh to give them the change they are craving without disrupting their lives or breaking the bank. Today we want to share some tips for styling the interior of your home and some small projects you can complete over the weekend for a satisfying change to your space. 

What Is Your Style Vision? 

Before starting your home interior styling project, think about what you want the end result to be. Gather inspiration from magazines, Pinterest, and other online sources and look over all the things you love with a critical eye. Are there specific colors, patterns, and styles you are drawn to? Is there a vibe or feeling you are trying to create in your space? When you spend some time dreaming about how you envision your home at the end of your styling project, you can create a clear plan for your project. 

Some questions you can ask yourself to pinpoint your style and vision: 

  • How do I want to feel in my home? 
  • How will I use the space? 
  • What is working in the room/home?
  • What is not working? 
  • What are rooms/places that I have been that have felt amazing? (hotels, vacation rentals, other people’s homes, etc.) 
  • What changes would make the most significant difference and get my home closer to what I envision? people’s
  • What must be incorporated into the final style? (This could be collections, family photos, furniture that cannot be removed, or anything else that must stay.)
  • When I look at my inspiration images, do I really love everything, or do current trends influence me? 
  • Will I love this style in a few years? 

Once you gather your inspiration and answer these questions, you should have a pretty solid idea of how you want your space to look. Now it is time to get to work! 

Take Stock Before You Start

Before you start shopping and decorating, make sure you do a few tasks to make the entire process a little easier! 

home interior space


To avoid the headache and disappointment of purchasing anything in the wrong size, measure EVERYTHING! Room dimensions, ceiling height, window size, and anything else that could be consequential in your styling project. Knowing the dimensions of your space will make it easy to find items that you know will fit perfectly. This simple task will help you avoid the frustration of buying things that do not work and dealing with returns and multiple shopping trips.

Shop Your Own Home

Before you hit the shops or start ordering accessories, look around your own home. Often, you can find items that have been packed away or are in other rooms that would be perfect for your styling project. We always recommend using what you have before spending money on anything new. If you have parents and grandparents with attics or storage spaces filled with old things, ask if you can have a look! You never know what you might find! 

Create a Shopping Plan

Once you have looked through the things you already own, it is time to make a shopping plan for the things you need to purchase. It is essential to be very clear about what you want to buy. That way, you are not grabbing things that catch your eye but do not fit into your space. We recommend being specific about colors, size, and type but also leave room for flexibility if you find an item that fits your vision criteria. 

Quick Home interior Style Change

If you don’t have time to restyle an entire space, some small things can bring a quick refresh to any room in your home. Choose one or two off of this list when you want an update and breathe new life into your space on a weekend afternoon! 

home interior
  • Add a Throw Blanket: A pretty textured throw draped over a bench, sofa, or the back of a chair is an instant update. Change them out seasonally to match the temperatures of the season. 
  • Coffee Table Style: Add character to your coffee table by adding colorful books, pretty trays, and fresh flowers. 
  • Area Rugs: Adding an area rug to a room quickly brings a significant aesthetic change. Area rugs can be changed seasonally to incorporate materials that reflect the season. For more information on choosing an area rug check out our blog post. 
  • Replace Hardware: Change the hardware on your kitchen and bathroom cabinets for a quick style change. If you like the shape of your hardware, but want a change, take the knobs and pulls off and give them a coat of spray paint for a whole new look. 
  • Swap out Artwork: Changing the artwork you have hanging in your home is a fast way to change the look of your space. Another quick change, update the family pictures in your frames. 
  • Bedding: Changing out bedding can change the entire look of your bedroom. This is also a great way to update your space seasonally. In warmer months, bring out the light and airy fabrics, and when the temperature cools, add heavier fabrics for coziness. 

Final Styling Tips for your home interior

Edit: When you are styling a space or even something as small as a shelf, make sure to do so with an editing eye. Once you have everything in place, look at what can be removed or adjusted to make your space more visually pleasing. 

Change Seasonally: Change decor out with the season. Not only is a seasonal change a great time to deep clean, but you can also make changes based on the holiday and seasonal decor you like to display. 

Curate Often: Curate your space often. We all accumulate more decor accessories from travel, shopping, or gifts. When you add something to your room, think of removing something else. Frequent curation keeps your space looking fresh and ensures no overcrowding or clutter. 

Book your complimentary discovery call today if you are styling a room in your Charlotte, NC, home and need some guidance! We love to help our clients create a plan and find the perfect pieces to bring the room to life. You can also grab our free project planner resource to help get you started with your styling project.


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