Standard Furniture Size Guide

Mar 7, 2022

Have you ever been furniture shopping and you are sure that something will fit perfectly into your home? You make the purchase, and then when you finally get it into your space, it does not fit as you imagined? When we find something we like, we can often imagine it in our space without much consideration for measurements. We just assume we can make the furniture size work! 

To avoid the heartache of falling in love with a piece only to realize that it does not fit into your home, we have compiled a list of standard furniture sizes. These dimensions are the typical measurements of things you can buy without customization. You can use this list to pre-measure before you begin shopping to know precisely what furniture size will work for your room. 

Standard Living Room Furniture Size

Your living room is likely the most used space in your home. Next to the kitchen, it is where the family gathers, where guests sit and where life happens. Since so many activities take place in the living room, there are various pieces you need to make it function well. Some of the standard furniture sizes of typical living room furniture are: 

  • Three-seat sofa or couch: 38″ deep by 90″ wide
  • Loveseat: 38″ deep by 60″ wide
  • Arm Chair: 35″ deep by 35″ wide
  • Coffee Table: 48″ by 30″ wide
  • Square end table: 24″ long by 24″ wide
  • Rectangular end table: 28″ long by 25″ wide
  • Four-shelf bookcase: 54″ tall by 45″ wide
Living room furniture

When measuring out your space, consider traffic flow and spacing to make the room very welcoming and functional. You can learn more about furniture spacing from this past blog post. 

Dining Room Furniture Sizes

Dining rooms can be tricky because you need seating for the family that lives in your home for most of the year, but you may need a much larger table and additional chairs a few times a year. The nice thing about dining tables is that you can find expandable tables for those special occasions when you need more seating, but you don’t have to have a huge table year-round. As with any room, make your measurements for all scenarios. Even if you buy a table that can expand for 10+ people, it is useless if you can’t actually get to your seat. Keep these standard measurements in mind when thinking about your dining room furniture. 

Table Heights

  • Standard dining table height: 28″ to 30″ tall
  • Counter height table: 36″

Round Tables

  • Seating for four people: 36″ to 44″ diameter
  • Seating for four to six people: 44″ to 54″ diameter
  • Seating for six to eight people: 54″ to 72″ diameter

Oval Tables

Typically start with a 36″ to 44″ diameter with the option to add leaves for additional seating. 

  • Seating for four to six people: 36″ diameter by 56″ long
  • Seating for six to eight people: 36″ diameter by 72″ long
  • Seating for eight to ten people: 36″ diameter by 84″ long

Square Table

  • Seating for four people: 33″ to 36″ square

Rectangle Table

  • Seating for four people: 36″ inches wide by 48″ long
  • Seating for four to six people: 36″ inches wide by 60″ long
  • Seating for six to eight people: 36″ inches wide by 78″ long

Dining Room Chairs

  • Side chairs: 18″ inches deep by 18 inches wide
  • Armchairs: 18″ deep by 22″ wide
Dining room

When planning the furniture for your dining room, don’t forget to consider the other pieces that may take up space, such as a buffet or bar area. Those areas are often highly visited because people serve food and drinks from those pieces. Ensure that there is a good traffic flow so people can easily access those areas. Good traffic flow will make for a more welcoming and useable dining room space. 

Bedroom Furniture Size

We love a beautiful bedroom! Bedrooms should be our sanctuaries from the busy world. A bedroom can also reflect the occupant’s taste, even if that is not in line with the decor of the rest of the home. Since it is a stand-alone space, it can be a little more unique. 

We often see bedrooms overwhelmed by furniture sets. People buy a bed frame and end up with a set of nightstands, dresser, and armoire that are all very matchy-matchy. While these set deals can be very appealing cost-wise, they don’t allow for much customization. The sets are also usually a lot more furniture than you actually need or that will fit in your space. Before buying a complete furniture set, consider your actual needs and how much space you have for furniture. 

  • Twin-size bed: 39″ wide by 80″ long
  • Double or full-size bed: 54″ wide by 80″ long
  • Queen-size bed: 60″ inches wide by 80″ long
  • Eastern king-size bed: 76″ wide by 80″ long
  • California king-size bed: 72″ wide by 84″ long
  • Dresser: 30″ wide by 18″ deep
  • Nightstand: 18″ wide by 18″ deep

If you love a more curated look, just say no to the bedroom set deals! A well-designed room is a collection of pieces that complement each other, not a one-size-fits-all set! 

dining room furniture size

Home Office Furniture Size

If the pandemic taught us anything, a home office space is essential! More people are looking to define a home office space as work becomes more flexible in the wake of COVID-19. Whether you have a designated room or take up a corner of another room, these measurements will help decide what you need and what you can fit in your home office space. 

  • Desk: 48″ wide by 30″ deep by 30″ tall 
  • Desk chairs: 20 to 22″ wide by 36″ tall
  • Computer chairs: 18″ wide by 36″ tall

If you have a designated office space, don’t forget to consider other pieces like printer stands, bookshelves, and filing cabinets. 

home office

Patio Furniture Size

Gone are the days of an umbrella table and some uncomfortable chairs in the backyard. Patios have come a long way, and for some people, the patio functions as additional living space year-round. There is no shortage of furniture options, and depending on how you use your outdoor space, you can really make it as luxe or as simple as you would like. No matter the level of investment, there are standard furniture sizes that apply to patio and outdoor furniture, just like indoor pieces. 

  • Square patio dining table: 30″ to 64″ square
  • Round patio dining table: 24 to 60″ in diameter
  • Counter height table: 34″ to 36″ tall 
  • Counter height seating: 24″ to 26″ tall from the floor to the top of the seat
  • Bar height table: 40″ to 42″ tall 
  • Bar height seating: 28″ to 30″ tall (base to top of the seat)
  • Chaise lounge chair: 78″ long by 20.5″ wide
  • Coffee and end table: 15″ to 19″ tall 
  • Firepit table: 20″ to 25″ tall 
patio furniture size graphic

When planning a furniture purchase, visualize how much space a piece will occupy by measuring and taping on the floor. Use these standard size measurements to determine how your furniture will fill the room and if you like the flow and space. If you need help creating your floor plan and furniture purchasing plan, get in touch! We love to help our clients in and around Charlotte, NC create beautiful, functional, and perfect rooms for their lives. Book your complimentary consultation today! 



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