35 Ways to Save and Splurge With Your Home Design

Apr 8, 2022

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iKnowing When It Counts with Home Decorating

We ask a lot of our homes. We want quality, comfort and character. We want pieces that stand up to kiddos, pets and changing trends. Let’s be real — when you have a tall order, you get what you pay for. Investing in your home is an investment in your quality of life. When you change your home you change your life.

But, everything doesn’t have to cost a lot. You can find middle ground while still creating a functional and fabulous home that is anything but cookie-cutter.

There are opportunities to save and places you might want to splurge. You may be surprised that the very cool floor lamp you found at Target might be the “one.” Mixing and matching is half the fun.

Fashion and home magazines featuring “get this look for less” spreads are great reminders that you can achieve high-end design when you know where to focus. Spend time and energy on customizations, like the perfect hardware for your powder room vanity rather than splurging on hand towels to easily add wow factor. 

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Areas to SAVE

(1) Have fun treasure hunting for accent decor elements for your home. 

Because decor tends to add more style than function, saving on these pieces is often a great way to keep your budget in check. Use accents and accessories for pops of color or seasonal changes.

Second-hand stores, yard sales and antique shops tend to have fabulous finds that instantly add charm and soul to any space without breaking the bank.

(2)  Textiles add layers of color and pattern. Throw pillows, blankets, area rugs, curtains and bedding are key elements when pulling a room together.

Choose a few fantastic patterns for pieces that don’t require a lot of yardage, such as euro shams for the bed or trim to jazz up solid drapery. Pairing even small statement pieces with complementary items creates an elevated look.

Areas to SPLURGE 

Knowing where to save and where to invest is important. Splurge can be a bit misleading. When we say splurge, we mean investing what is *appropriate* for the quality of product desired. Sometimes you get lucky and find just the right piece at just the right price. Other times, you may choose to invest to get exactly what you want (or, in many cases, exactly what you need).

(1) Making a bold eye-catching statement, like custom artwork, an oversized chandelier, using wallpaper in unexpected ways, and adding special furnishings often calls for a splurge. These pieces make your home uniquely yours by injecting personality.

(2) Comfort and structural integrity matter for the pieces that need to be functional. If function is the primary job, choosing items that can hold up to high traffic, pets, dinner parties and family game nights is important.

Which seating do you use the most? Your home office chair, the sofa, or does the dining room table act as both a desk and a place to connect with your family (AND entertain).

Make investments where you spend the most time.

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Misty Molloy CEO of CoCreative Interiors

Room-by-room interior design save and splurge tips


Bedroom Saves

Pillow Inserts

Pillow inserts need to be the right size and add support, but they don’t typically have the same consistent use as those on a sofa. While they don’t need to be high-end, be sure to find inserts that will give you the style you want to achieve – for example, using faux down feather inserts will give you the classic karate-chop look.


Bed sheets are often hidden by the splurge “dressing” items of the bedscape. While sheets should suit your comfort (we do spend a third of our life in bed, after all), save by shopping around and focusing on feel rather than looks.


Unlike in the family room and other high-traffic areas, most bedroom seating tends to get less wear and tear. Focus on adding style in this space, and use higher-end performance fabrics in those areas that call for it.

Bedroom Splurges

“Dressings” and “Jewelry”

The finishing pieces, like euro shams or an oversized rolled lumbar pillow, and at least one top layer, such as a duvet or bedspread, often complete a bedroom. When combined with complementary pieces, these items set the tone for the rest of the room.

Cabinet hardware also transforms furniture, instantly upgrading an entire room with special attention to this detail.


In addition to adding a fun aesthetic, nightstands are crucial for ultimate function. Consider all the roles you need your nightstands to play before selecting these pieces. Do you need items, such as reading glasses or a glass of water, to be easily within reach. Do you need wider pieces to allow plenty of room to add lamps for reading in bed? Do you need a charging station for your phone? Storage for books?

Window Treatments

Blackout curtains or shades help with better sleep. We know that sleep helps your body and brain. Getting rest helps with memory, decision-making, our ability to cope and even creativity.

In addition to being practical, custom drapes always make a statement and immediately elevate a room. If you spend on nothing else, window treatments are the one item that will transform your space. Having an inexpensive bed, for example, is no issue when you have custom window treatments.

A picture of a dining room table and chairs



Kitchen Saves


Classic backsplash tile will do the trick. Think of timeless porcelain tile. You can always splurge on a small area of expensive tile for a pop of pattern or color, for example, over the stove or in a bar area.

Everyday Dishes

White dishes mix well with special pieces that you love to display when hosting, like grandma’s casserole dish or your vintage china.


Saving on glassware makes the heartache of glasses breaking a little easier! And saving on glassware and dishes means you can easily replace them as your style shifts over time.

Kitchen Splurges


Quality stone countertops will stand the test of time. Cheaper materials might have tempting price tags but won’t last long. 


Even semi-custom cabinetry looks fully custom when paired with a beautifully designed hood.Use this area to add a different finish or a touch of unexpected architectural detail.


Island pendants make a big statement and set the tone for the rest room, so don’t be afraid to splurge on the lighting!


With so few places to add pattern, color and texture with fabric, barstools have big impact. If you try to save here, your options become quite limited, not only from a design perspective but also from a functional perspective – i.e. a swivel feature, stools with backs, etc.

Living room

Living Room Saves

Save on side chairs. Use them to introduce patterns or bold colors!

Accent Decor, i.e. Tables and Lamps

Introducing metal, wood or fiberglass will diversify your textural palette while generally costing less than upholstered pieces. (source) Acrylic is another great option for diversifying the space.

Accent Pillows

Custom pillows made with fabric especially selected for a specific space are a fantastic way to add personality while making it feel luxurious. At the same time, you can save on accent pillows to round out your pillow collection.

Living Room Splurges


Neighborhood book club meetings, family Pictionary-a-thons, and teenage movie nights PLUS daily use call for something functional, comfortable and long-lasting.

A sofa is a central place of connection and comfort. Make it count. Even with children in the house, most people keep their sofa for 5-7 years. Poor construction will make a sofa look frumpy after just a year, making the entire room feel tired and dated.

If you like the “lived-in” look or want to lean into the “kid-friendly” style, a bench seat sofa may be the way to go. A sofa with three cushions tends to hold a structured look better because weight is more evenly distributed.

Performance fabrics help when fighting against spills. (And don’t just blame the kids … we all have a “friend” who has spilled a FULL glass of wine on the sofa!)

Custom Pillows + Inserts

Dress up any sofa or chair with custom pillows – and be sure to splurge on good inserts for the perfect ‘karate-chopped’ look that will hold shape over time for both custom AND ready-made pillows.

 Coffee Table

The main coffee table, or cocktail table, takes center stage with the sofa, whether you have a large living room or very small space. Coffee tables often have to be a specific size to make the proportions work and maximize floor plans. Accent tables also tend to be easier to coordinate with the coffee table instead of the other way around.


Hallway Save


While choosing the right light fixtures is always important, decide how visible the hallway is and focus on another living area for splurgy feature pieces if they aren’t center stage.

Hallway Splurges

Paint + Wallcoverings

High-end paint will have better durability and longevity. A fantastic wallpaper will spruce up any space and can take an otherwise overlooked space from “invisible” to “artwork” with just the right pattern. 

A picture of a light switch and fancy wallpaper behind it



Office Saves

Accent Chairs 

Add accent chairs to create a reading nook in the corner or to create a seating area across from the desk. Chairs change the feel of a room, particularly with so many options for adding color and pattern.

Floor Lamps

A floor lamp is a great addition to any office space and doesn’t have to have an extravagant price tag to enhance the look and lighting of the room.

Office Splurges

Office Chair

On average, office workers spend 10 hours per day sitting. Splurging on a comfortable but stylish office chair just makes sense.


A desk is foundational to any office space. Limit frustration and help your day run more smoothly with functional features like drawers that slide well, ample storage and plenty of space to spread out.


Built-ins are functional, beautiful and add value to your home. Adding wallpaper to the backs of bookcases is an easy way to incorporate a peek-a-boo wow factor, and you can splurge on more expensive wallpaper because you don’t have a large area to cover.


The rug offers a great place to add color and pattern. Flooring is a big piece of real estate in the office and serves as the foundation for the entire room. Bonus, home office rugs tend to hold up well because they don’t get a lot of foot traffic.


Bathroom Saves


Save on accessories like soap dispensers, towel bars and toilet paper holders – basic metal does the trick here. Just make sure they are rust-proof!

A porcelain vanity top and standard faucet for the sink will coordinate with the other bathroom fixtures and allow you to play up splurge items as the focal points.


Towels are available in all sizes, colors and patterns and still do the trick!

Bathroom Splurges


Splurge on a frameless shower for an instant upgrade. In addition to being beautiful, frameless glass is easier to clean.


Please, whatever you do, don’t use the standard, rectangular mirror that screams BASIC. Mirrors offer an easy way to make a huge statement, so steer clear of cookie-cutter.


Bathrooms are also a great place to add unique sconces flanking the mirrors.

A picture of pillows and a throw blanket


Home Decorating Should Fit Your Personal Style

Your design doesn’t have to follow the current trends. Write your own design rules. The design mold is meant to be broken! Your home should provide the function you need and showcase the style you love. 

Mass-produced, big-box decor and furniture are not the only options. You can splurge on some items and save on others to create a space that feels finished and fresh.

Even when you’ve decided to invest in redesigning and refreshing your home, there are places to spend more and others where more dollars spent doesn’t necessarily mean more impact.

Knowing how to make wise choices about where you should splurge and save helps get those creative juices flowing and starts the design ball rolling.

Maybe your front door is waiting for a fresh coat of paint, the end table in your living room has never quite fit the space, or you are in desperate need of pattern and color. The room you don’t know how to arrange and the gallery wall staring blankly at you deserve attention.

Starting is easier than you think. Does your home feel dated? Do the walls scream griege (you know, beige and grey)? Do you have ideas for refreshing the fireplace or your dining chairs?

Your knick-knacks may just need to be rearranged, and your furniture might just need fabulous new hardware. 

Changing your home will change your life. Now is the time to change yours.



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