Different Types of Interior Design Services

Jun 6, 2022

If you are planning an interior design project and would like to hire a professional designer, there are various interior design services to choose from! Today we want to share the most common available services and what we are doing with our clients here at CoCreative Interiors! 

E-Design Interior Design Service

E-design services are executed without ever having a designer in your home. All design and communication are completed virtually, which means that you can work with any designer in the world! Since every designer has a different aesthetic, this setup allows you to find someone who is perfect for your project, no matter where you live. 

Once you find your designer, all communication is via phone, email, or video call. Your designer will work with you to determine your vision and goals for the space. They will typically develop a plan for the layout, colors, and purchase plan. You can take the design plan and execute it at your leisure. This level of service is perfect for people who need guidance but want to do the design execution on their own. 

Interior Design Services
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Interior Design Consultation

An in-person interior design consultation is a step up from e-deign. The designer visits your home to view the space and get a sense of what you envision and your needs to create your perfect home. 

An in-person consultation might result in a design plan similar to an e-design service, or it may be the first step in hiring for a partial or full design service. Before you book your consultation, make sure you are clear on the deliverables you will receive at the end of the consultation. 

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Partial Interior Design Service

Various interior design services can fall under the umbrella of partial design services. Since each designer runs their business differently, you can find many different offerings in the market. Some might include: 

  • Choosing specific elements in your home (paint, tile, accessories)
  • Booking a block of time to get input on your DIY project
  • Recommendations for other professionals needed in your design project 

While partial service can result in similar deliverables as e-design, you get in-person interaction with a designer. This means you will be working with someone local. A local designer will have a specific insight into where to shop, find antiques, and who to hire for the best results. 

E-design, consultations, and partial design services all have one thing in common; they allow you to make purchases and complete the projects as your time and finances allow. Since interior design can be such a significant investment, this is a real benefit to these partial services. 

Interior Design Services
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Full-Service Interior Design

Full-service interior design is exactly as it sounds; everything is done for you. While all the previously mentioned levels of services work well for people who want to have some involvement in the design process and execution, full service means you turn over all the details to your trusted designer. 

This level of service is truly a luxury. Your designer works with you to get a sense of your style, your challenges with the space, and your vision for how you want to live in your home. After they have a clear understanding, they will work on creating a comprehensive design plan for you to review. Not only will they make a plan, but they also source all materials, collaborate with contractors, and manage every last detail to execute the approved plan. 

Full-service design is a significant investment. In addition to paying the designer fee, the services needed to manage the project from start to finish, like receiving and white-glove delivery, come at a cost. Those who purchase this service should be prepared to make a large investment upfront. 

Interior Design Services
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CoCreative Interior Design Services

If you are looking for something in between e-design and full-service design, CoCreative Interiors is for you! 

Our services bridge the gap for those who want the guidance of a professional designer but want to implement some parts of the project on their own. Our clients want to create a beautiful space using what they love, but are often unsure how to start! 

We have two service levels to guide our clients through the design process with ease and FUN! We adore our clients, and we want them to enjoy the process AND the finished product. CoCreative Interior design services include: 

The Zhush

  • Custom color scheme created for a cohesive look and feel
  • Inspiration images to show the style of pieces our team will buy
  • Custom element details (like wallpaper), if applicable
  • Conceptual styling plan showing how we will bring your design to life
  • Selecting and purchasing accent pieces and accessories
  • Exclusive access to our network of trusted project professionals
  • Planning and carrying out the installation to complete your space
  • Coordination of any installation support needing skilled professionals

The Shebang

Everything from The Zhush PLUS:

  • Floor plans to show you what goes where and how each piece will fit
  • Storyboards with clickable links to foundational items suggested for your plan
  • Lighting plan to suit the functionality and mood of your space
  • Conceptual styling plan showing how we will bring your design to life
  • Real-time virtual plan review session

Whether you choose The Zhush or The Shebang, our goal is the same: work with you to design a space you love, using the things you love! Working alongside our Charlotte, NC clients to create beautiful, functional homes that make you happy is an honor. 

If you would like to chat about your project, book your complimentary discovery call today! We can’t wait to help you create a home that you love.

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