Why Grandmillennial Style is Gaining Popularity

Dec 18, 2021

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It is no secret that the grandmillennial style is a significant source of inspiration at CoCreative Interiors. We actually wrote a post all about our interior design style inspiration, and grandmillennialism took the top spot! This beautiful style is gaining popularity, and we want to explore why this is happening and why we love it so much!


What is Grandmillennial Style?

Grandmillennial style has quickly gained popularity as Millennials (the late 20s to early 40s) rebel against the minimalist aesthetic. It aims to recreate the warmth and nostalgia reminiscent of their childhood homes. Grandmillenialism puts a modern twist on the classic design of the past: structured drapery, exciting wallpaper, floral prints, and colorful palettes.

Rather than following trends, those who love the Grandmillennial style incorporate elements that reflect their interests and personality, combining them with a cozy, comfortable design. Short for “Grandma Millennial” and sometimes called “Granny-Chic,” this style is rooted in the past but adds a fresh spin with bright color, curated collections, and mixed materials. This style is even starting to spill into wedding industry trends!

The best part of the grandmillennial style is there is no right way to incorporate the design into a space. Since it combines old and new, collections, and layering of color and texture, it is unique to each person.

Grandmillennial Style = Personal Style

As the millennial generation moves into their forever homes, many are done with cheap decor options and mass-produced furniture and accessories. Instead of what is available at a big box store, people want to create a home that reflects their taste and lifestyle. Many clients simply do not know where to start when creating their forever homes. They like all different design styles and feel completely overwhelmed with options, and as a result, they do nothing. They are so afraid of making a wrong choice that they do not choose at all.

The beauty of the grandmillennial style is that you layer and curate over time and incorporate YOUR style. That means you don’t make all the decisions at once, and you don’t have to adhere to any specific rules to fit into a design mold. This style is all about careful curation over time and designing around personal style, not a design standard.


Just like a smell or a sound can trigger a memory of your childhood, so can interior design. Grandmillennial style is a celebration of your grandmother’s style and an embracing of the nostalgia of your youth. While many describe grandmillennial as “granny chic, that does not mean that every single thing she owned is back in style. A large amount of curating happens to incorporate the nostalgia of the past with current trends. Grandmillennial is bright, cheerful, feminine, and breezy. The idea is not to take 100% of your grandma’s style; it is to pick and choose nostalgic items and elevate your space.


The millennial generation came of age and continues to live in a world concerned with the environmental impact of our lifestyles and purchasing habits. The grandmillennial style is the antithesis of mass-produced furniture and accessories. People want to be creative instead of walking into a big box store and buying a room of matchy-matchy furniture. They are scouring antique stores, craigslist, and online marketplaces for unique pieces that are high quality and have a story.

Treasure hunting for my clients (and myself) is one of my favorite ways to spend a weekend, so I get it! This type of furniture shopping is fun and good for the planet. Instead of buying mass-produced items that might not last a move, people want pieces that last! The millennial generation is turning away from fast fashion and overconsumption. Instead, they are looking to invest in items that last. This might mean they take longer to make a purchase decision, but it is something they genuinely love when they do buy.

Another reason that using pieces sourced locally is attractive is the current supply chain issues. There are major supply issues for almost all industries at the time of writing (December 2021). It currently takes a very long time to source quality pieces. Finding furniture and accessories locally means that you can get things far more quickly.

Fits All Budgets

Being overwhelmed with design options is one of the main reasons people do not start a design project in their home; cost is a close second. The rise in popularity of home design shows has given the misconception that a space has to be fully completed in one massive project. While it is excellent if you have the budget to fully design, furnish and accessorize a room at the same time, for many, this is not realistic.

Not only can complete home design be cost-prohibitive, but it can also be hard to find everything you want to complete the room simultaneously. Home improvement shows highlight a complete design in 30-60 minutes; that is tv magic, not reality. Grandmillennialism is about creating a lovely space and showcasing personal design style. This means that it is not simply clicking the add to cart button. Instead, it is about curating a layered look over time, perfect for those who love to hunt for accessories that bring more ambiance and visual interest to a space. It also means you do not have to have a massive pile of money all at once. You can work on the space in steps that align with your budget.

Grandmillineal style can fit all budgets. From the most expensive stores to garage sales, treasures can be found to fit into any budget imaginable!

Simpler Times

The millennial generation is very tech-savvy and super connected to the world around them. They grew up during the information age and have lived through the rapid growth of the internet, social media, and the hyper-connected world of today. They also have experienced events that have caused uncertainty, such as 9/11, the great recession, and COVID-19. It is no wonder that this generation is creating homes that embrace simpler times.

While the millennial generation has embraced tech and social media, this demographic does not necessarily consider that a good thing. While millennials may be super-connected online, many report that they lack personal connections with their friends and family. People might need technology in their work-life, and it is next to impossible to avoid social media, but they are craving connection. Grandmillennial style is more than just how you decorate your home; it is a nod to simpler times. Entertaining, time curled up with a book, and being present without a device in hand.

The heart of the Grandmillennial style is individuality and personality. This design style aligns perfectly with how we design at CoCreative Interiors. Not only do we design collaboratively with our clients to create a beautiful space that fits their lifestyle and taste. We work to use what they already have and what is meaningful and combine it with new elements to complete their space. We know that by focusing on what you love, your personal style, and items that have history, you can pull together a beautiful space.

If you are unsure how to get started with Grandmillennialism, send us a note! CoCreative Interiors’ signature, collaborative process is designed to help you use what you love and create a home that reflects your lifestyle.




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