Philosophy Of The Grandmillennial Design Style

Apr 8, 2022

What is Grandmillennial?

Classic design with a modern twist? The olden days with an updated vibe? However you describe it, one thing stands out above all else – personality. Grandmillennial is everyone’s style – and it’s here to stay.

Bold statement, you say? Here’s why we’re making it.

Grandmillennial is more than a style – it’s a way of life. It’s about infusing soul into our homes, mixing the old with the new.

Minimalism, take a seat. There’s a new design style in town, and her name is Grandmillennial. The look that slowly infiltrated influencers and tastemakers in 2021 is spreading its wings.

Is it trending though? Well, not exactly. Trends come and go, and this “trend” has a good chance of lasting a long time.

In a nutshell, Grandmillennial represents YOU and the sense of familiarity and significance you want in your home. The style focuses on telling your story by using meaningful pieces as you deeply connect with your aesthetic. There’s no room for generic beach art in the true Grandmillennial style – unless it’s generic beach art you snagged from your grandma’s and it brings back memories of your childhood.

‘’Granny’’ Chic, as it’s sometimes called, often brings back the feelings of safety and comfort from our mother’s and grandmother’s homes. Though your interiors are not the same as theirs, the appreciation of classic design and a house that just feels like home are one and the same.

Plate wall grandma's decor

Reuniting the old with the new 

 Layering traditional items and important prized possessions in your ‘’modern’’ home highlights your unique tastes and personality. The ‘’more is more’’ look often associated with Grandmillennial design isn’t about buying more stuff. We all have enough to manage without adding things that don’t matter to our plates.


 Instead, Grandmillenialism focuses on filling a space with meaningful items. Working the antiques, collectibles and tchotchkes you love into your home and combining them with new pieces is the essence of this style. There’s no formula – using what you love is the ultimate objective.


Editing is Key

  • The Grandmillennial design style is well-edited – it must to pull it off.
  • Think layered, but not crowded.
  • Think full of character, but not overboard.
  • Think mish-mashed, but not random.
  • Be patient and ensure every color, texture and pattern is well-aligned with purpose and intention.


Florals, Florals and More Florals

Happiness is the ultimate attribute of a Grandmillennial space. Florals add a splash of happy to any design. Used literally, vases of bouquets evoke a sense of subtle elegance and understated luxury. Adding florals in many other forms serves the same purpose.


Showcase Your Personality 

Embrace what you love – whatever that might be – and incorporate those loves into your home to create a personalized vibe that’s all yours. Mix inherited pieces, historical items and fun funds – even souvenirs – to give your home a curated but intentional feel.


Go Natural 

Yes, we’re talking about wicker, rattan, bamboo – staples of ‘’grandma’s house’’ – that have instant warmth, nostalgia and comfort. At the same time, they have an air of understated glamour reminiscent of old Hollywood. Cane chairs, for example, can look both relaxed and modern at the same time.

These accents often round out a design. Natural color tones warm up spaces. Or, painted natural elements add an instant pop of personality. Layering textures in a space creates complexity and elevated design.

Tori Hartwell Photography

Play with Pattern

Patterns are an essential element of the Grandmillennial design. You can always use the classic prints like toile, plaid, chintz and of course florals, on upholstery, curtains or wall coverings. They add depth and dimension to any space.

From drapery and wallpaper to placemats and tablecloths, pattern offers an easy way to make a bold yet sophisticated statement. Far from being matchy-matchy using a variety of patterns that work together is a key element of Grandmillennial design. Combine various prints that share a common color story for an unexpected, “cheeky-chic” style that’s all your own.

Remember, Grandmillennialism is all about feeling happy in your space. Throw away the rulebook – use what you love.


Add the “Extras”

Like a good outfit, no room is truly complete without jewelry. Embellishments such as fringe, pleats and ruffles plus traditional elements such as tassels, trim and tapes will always bring liveliness to a room. Accessories take a room to the next level, and special touches offer a glimpse into your personality.


Consider your Space 

How much space do you actually have in your home? Be strategically selective with the number of furniture pieces you add so you don’t end up creating a room or space that feels “stuffy”. Aim for cozy and well-layered look.

Plate wall grandma's decor
Accessories from Society Social

Bright colors 

Grandmillennial style embraces the layering of patterns and colors. The days of bleached out, all-white interiors are being replaced with the personality of rich, saturated colors. Vibrant shades are welcomed with open Grandmillennial arms. Paint is the easiest way to change a space – from walls to your door or a side table, don’t be afraid to jazz things up with color.


Use of dark wood furniture 

Dark wood furniture brings a historical feeling to any room. This furniture type is typically made from beautiful woods, such as walnut, mahogany, cherry and rosewood. These pieces add richness and warmth embraced within the Grandmillennial realm. Combining the classics with new, modern piece creates a fresh and well-balanced space that feels both grand and easy all at once.

Finding Grandmillennial Pieces in North Carolina

If you don’t already have the Grandmillennial pieces that will liven up your home, you can always search and go shopping at amazing antique stores in North Carolina!

Some we recommend are:

Find estate sales close to us like:

Find items with borrowed significance at thrift stores like:

Don’t forget well-known consignment stores like:

The Future Of Grandmillennial Design

The Grandmillennial design style is rooted in uniqueness and an ability to allow homeowners to tap into their best, real selves. Is it going away anytime soon? We think not.

This style belongs to you (and me!) and not to media trends or anyone else.

It’s a style that speaks the love language of you and your family. It respects traditions and keeps them alive by invoking feelings of warmth, joy and happiness in our homes.

If you want to create a Grandmillennial design style for your home but aren’t quite sure how to mix, match and make it all work, book a call with us to chat about your space.

Your style, however you define it, is fun and creative and we would be honored to help you bring your vision to life.


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