The CoCreative Interior Design Process

Apr 13, 2022

At CoCreative Interiors, we strive to work collaboratively with you to create a home that is a reflection of your lifestyle and aesthetic.

Our collaborative services fall between e-design and full services design. We’re your “best designer friend” who guides you through the interior design process to avoid overwhelm.

The elements of the CoCreative process lead to beautiful spaces and happy clients.

Discovering Your Interior Design Wants & Needs

The most important part of the design process occurs during our initial conversations with our clients. Understanding what they want and need in their homes and what level of involvement they want from us as their design guide.

Our first step is to learn what our clients need from us. During our initial discovery call, we talk through what is challenging you, what you want, and what you envision the end result to be after working with the CoCreative Interiors team.

Our collaborative design process means we want to learn not only what you want for your space but we also want to learn how you live in the space. We believe your home must be beautiful AND functional – who cares if it’s pretty if it doesn’t make life easier, too? So we spend time getting to know you, your tastes, and your lifestyle. At the end of the first conversation, we know if you need The Zhush or The Shebang – or some combination of the two. (link to services pages)

Taking Stock

Before we start designing, we take stock of your space, what you have, what you need, and what issues we need to address. Are there meaningful pieces of furniture that can be added to your new design? Things that are ready to find a new home? Any home repairs or upgrades that must be made before any design can occur? This stage lays the groundwork for creating a blank design canvas. Whether you choose

The Zhush or The Shebang, knowing what you currently have and what you need for your space is important before making a single purchase or design decision.

Let’s Talk About Budget

Determining a budget is not the most glamorous part of a project, but it’s arguably the most important. A conversation about how much you have allocated for this project guides our entire interior design process. Not only do we need to know what the total investment will be, but we also want to know which areas are most important to help us get the biggest bang for your buck.

Attempting to set your budget may leave you overwhelmed and unsure of where to start. We developed our Project Planner + Workbook to provide a guide for getting a handle on the early stages of your project.

Understanding Limitations

Before developing your comprehensive design plan, we need to understand any project limitations. We work together to identify potential roadblocks and create a design that works within those constraints. Whether the budget, space, timeline – or a combination of all three – presents challenges, knowing about them ahead of time allows us to set expectations and plan accordingly. Understanding limitations gives us the information we need to adjust our recommendations for both The Zhush and The Shebang to meet your needs and avoid potential stumbling blocks.

Evaluating & Pre-Planning

If you’ve heard the expression “measure twice, cut once,” you understand the premise of the pre-planning stage. We visit your home during our 90-minute initial session to tour and discuss the space. We take detailed photos, measure your space, and combine that information with your vision for the project. Measuring and planning are important for selecting the right pieces and making style choices that work.

Creating a Design Plan

After careful research and planning, we weave your questionnaire responses, measurements, and conversations into a one-of-a-kind interior design plan. Depending on the level of service your project requires, you will receive:

The Zhush

  • Selecting and purchasing accent pieces and accessories
  • Exclusive access to our rolodex of trusted project professionals
  • Planning and carrying out installation to complete your space
  • Coordination of any installation support needing skilled professional

The Shebang

Everything from The Zhush PLUS:

  • To-scale floor plans to show you what goes where and how each piece will fit
  • Storyboards with clickable links to foundational items suggested for your plan
  • Lighting plan to suit the functionality and mood of your space
  • Conceptual styling plan showing how we will bring your design to life
  • Real-time virtual plan review session
  • A recording of your virtual review session

Style Details

Part of the deliverable for both the Zhush and the Shebang is style detail recommendations. The details are what really make a design sing. Some of the elements you can expect are:

The Zhush

  • Custom element recommendations (wallpaper, drapes, etc)
  • Selecting and purchasing accent pieces and accessories

The Shebang

  • Everything from the Zhush
  • Storyboards with clickable links to foundational items for your plan

Choosing Your Vendors

Designing a room or an entire home is a team effort. We work with many trusted partners and vendors to ensure that your project is completed to perfection. Because we know finding good people to do good work is hard, our clients have access to our list of trusted industry professionals.

Installation & Styling

Once the foundation of your design is in place (wallpaper and drapery installed, built-ins complete, furnishings delivered and assembled), our team brings it all together for the final reveal. Installation is the culmination of all the elements of the design process into a cohesive and finished design.

Both The Zhush and The Shebang include:

  • Planning and carrying out the installation process to complete the space
  • Coordination of any installation support needing skilled professionals

The Final Reveal

The most exciting part of the entire interior design process is presenting you with a finished space. We live for the gasp of delight when our clients see their vision come to life!  Guiding our clients through our design process is a joy. We are honored to be invited into our clients’ homes to create special spaces. If you are looking for an interior designer in Charlotte, NC, who works with you to create a home that reflects who you are and what you love, you’re invited to schedule a complimentary discovery call.


We can’t wait to hear from you!


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