How to Style A Beautiful Bed

Jun 8, 2022

Do you ever flip through catalogs or walk through stores and admire the beautifully styled beds? The fluffy pillows, the pretty duvet covers, and the decorative throws work together to look picture-perfect. Turning your bed into a stylish focal point is all about the layers.

Layer 1: Start with the Furniture

A gorgeous bed starts with the perfect furniture. Think of your bed and nightstands as the backdrop for your linens. Nice furniture doesn’t have to cost a fortune! Buying an entire matching bedroom set used to be the norm. Doing so was costly and made for one-note designs. When purchasing your furniture from a store, don’t be afraid to mix and match different sets to add visual interest to your space. 

If you want something more eclectic, spend some time hunting for the perfect headboard and nightstands at local shops, online marketplaces, and antique stores. This approach will take a bit more time, but you end up with a very layered and intentional style. If you love the Grandmillenial aesthetic as much as we do, treasure hunting is the perfect way to achieve this look in your bedroom. 

When choosing your furniture, don’t forget to invest in a comfortable mattress. We spend so much time sleeping that you want to make sure you have a mattress to make your bed as comfy-cozy as possible.

Layer 2: Choose Your Bedding

Once you have the foundation of your furniture and mattress in place, start adding linens and pillows. Keep in mind: quality matters. Make sure that your linens are comfortable and will hold up to everyday use. 


Not every bed requires a bed skirt, but if your bed frame has unsightly metal legs or is simply not to your taste, a bed skirt is a quick and easy way to hide what you don’t like. As an added bonus, bed skirts hide the space under the bed, which can be used for storage. 

Mattress Pad

A mattress topper can add more plushness to your mattress. Not to be confused with a protective mattress cover, you can really customize the softness and thickness of your mattress with a variety of pad options. We encourage you to use both a protective cover and a topper for the best mattress support and protection. 

A mattress topper can lengthen the life of your mattress. As time passes, your mattress will wear and become less comfortable. A mattress topper can add more cushion and give you some time to purchase your next mattress. If your mattress is newer and a bit too firm, a topper can soften your bed for the most comfortable night’s sleep. 

style a bed


Once you have the protective cover and the topper in place, move on to the sheets. Because sheets directly touch your body, investing in quality pieces makes a big difference. You can’t go wrong with crisp white sheets when selecting a color. Even if you have avoided white in the past for fear of staining, give them a try! They can be laundered easily (White Revive can be a lifesaver for keeping white laundry fresh) and match any of your other layers. 

Some people iron their sheets for a perfectly styled bed, but taking the sheets straight from the dryer and putting them on the bed will help you avoid most of the wrinkles. 


You may want to add a blanket over your top sheet for extra warmth. Blankets can be seasonal items that you add during the colder months and remove once the temperatures rise. This blanket goes unseen when the bed is made, so you don’t have to think much about the design but consider the fabric options. Some of the most common blanket fabrics: 

  • Cotton holds up to frequent washing and, depending on the weave, can be lightweight for summer or heavier for winter months. 
  • Wool is heavy and warm and wicks away moisture, ideal for the winter months.
  • Down blankets are made by adding a layer of feathers between layers of fabric and end to be lightweight but very warm.


The bed topper is the focal point of your entire bed. Whether you choose a quilt, bedspread, comforter, or duvet, this element sets the tone for the bedroom. Think of your topper as a giant piece of art. The eye will immediately be drawn to the bed, and the colors can tie the entire room together. If you are unsure about choosing a color or a print, white bedding is always beautiful. 


Pillows on your bed are both functional and pretty. You can layer a variety of pillows on your bed to suit your taste. For a beautifully styled bed, we use four layers of pillows. Star with your sleeping pillows against the headboard. Then layer European shams, standard shams, and finish with no more than three decorative pillows. 

Throw Blankets

For a final touch, add a beautiful throw blanket across the foot of the bed. The throw could be a thin quilt or an afghan. This layer adds another dimension to the bed with color and texture. It also offers a great way to use an heirloom piece, such as a knitted blanket or a family quilt, in your bedroom. 

Layer 3: Style Your Bed Like a Pro

Before shopping for your new bed, a few more important points will help you create a beautiful bedroom.

Layers & Texture

When purchasing your bed linens, choose a variety of textures to create an elevated and layered look. When you buy your linens, adding texture will make it look very designed. If all the layers are the same materials, colors, or patterns, you risk looking like you purchased a bed in a bag. 

Choose a Color Story

Before you start purchasing bed linens, decide on your color palette. Take a look at your room and determine the colors you want to bring into the space with your bedding. A cohesive color story will complement your space and fit with the items and colors you already have in your bedroom. 

style a beautiful bed

Styling a beautiful bed is a quick and easy way to update your bedroom. With no construction or renovation involved, you could make this update in a weekend!

If you want to redesign your bedroom before tackling your bed, get in touch! We would love to chat about your vision for the space. Book your complimentary call today, or download our FREE design planner and project guide to help you get started.


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