Happiness Through Interior Design in Charlotte, NC.

Apr 26, 2022

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Interior design in Charlotte offers a breath of fresh air. Like the city itself, it’s exciting, new and full of possibilities. As interior designers in Charlotte, we’re passionate about our work, and we love helping our clients create spaces that bring happiness!

Whether you’re looking for a complete redesign or just need a style refresh, we’re here for it.

Interior design in Charlotte, North Carolina is all about creating spaces that feel comfortable and personal. Full of southern charm and hospitality, creating a well-refined home where everyone feels at ease is the ultimate goal.

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Change your home to change your life

Imagine… As you walk into a room, happiness radiating from within. Warmth, splashes of color and pieces that have history – not your average cookie-cutter home.

This is the home of someone who understands the power of home design. Spaces that are not only beautiful, but also comfortable, personal and functional.

Is that ^ how you feel when you come home after a long day?

Do you feel relaxed and ready to put up your feet? Is happiness waiting for you when you come home?

The stats don’t lie: we’re stressed and unhappy when we can’t figure out how to make our homes feel ‘just right’. Knowing something is off but not being able to figure out exactly WHAT is off is hard.

Add in the overwhelm of choice, and the weight of making MORE decisions becomes too much to handle. With so many options – paint colors, furniture fabric, IKEA or Ballard Design – not making changes often seems easier – no tricky decisions required. But that’s not a good solution, either.

Overwhelm is real, and making the wrong decisions is all too easy when we take only form and not function into account. Decisions should be made based on how a room looks AND how it needs to serve those who use it.

Interior design is more than just aesthetics 

Interior design is more than just aesthetics, or how things look. Yes, style is a big part of design – but if you only think about the look of a room, or any space, you’re likely to end up unhappy with your results.

Most importantly, aim to create a space that feels like home, whatever that feels like to you. To me, ‘home’ feels like an easy, laid back way of life. Sweet tea on the front porch, family gatherings, and potlucks. Football on the TV with appetizers and a mess of kids running in and out. (Can you tell I was born and raised in good ole’ North Carolina?)

Your home should feel inviting and make you and yours happy – it shouldn’t *just* look pretty. 

When you’re designing a room, think about what you want the space to do for you and for your family. Do you need an office so you can focus on work? A reading nook for relaxing? A playroom for the kids? Do you need a dining room for entertaining, or would it work better as a place to play games as a family?

A client once decided to swap her family room with her dining room. With a big Italian family and weekly Sunday Supper, the space labeled “family room” on the builder’s floor plan made more sense as a dining room. Though “the way things are always done” initially kept her from switching the two spaces, we convinced her to make the change. And the two rooms feel like they were always meant to be used as they are now designed.

When you take the time to think about what you need, and not just what color you want, or fabric on the sofa, you can create a home that truly reflects your style, your life and even your budget.

Grab the Project Planner to start mapping out your spaces  

Interior design affects your mental health 

Being unhappy with your home spills over into every other aspect of your life. Your home’s design plays a big role in your happiness. It can create a comfortable, personal space, which can lift your mood and put you in a better spot mentally.

Rather than filling your home with ‘stuff’ for the sake of having it, use items that have significance. Furniture and decor can bring happy memories flooding back – before you think you have to throw out an old hutch or cabinet, first consider how it makes you feel. If it’s meaningful and makes you happy, keep it! We often feel pressured to let go of our things simply because they’re old.

Society seems to be shifting away from buying new just for the sake of buying new! At the end of the day, so many of these ‘new’ things are lifeless plastic. Doesn’t surrounding yourself with happy memories and items that spark joy make more sense?

“Now imagine yourself living in a space that contains only things that spark joy. Isn’t this the lifestyle you dream of?”

-Marie Kondo
Alyssa Hamamgian – CoCreative Designer

Did you know you can be constantly discontented with your surroundings, without even realizing you are? For example, when you can’t find what you need, or one particular room is always messy. Or being in the bonus room reminds you that it needs new shelves, or looking at your entry nook makes you cringe. The constant mental weight wears you down. Because we spend so much time at home, home design has a huge impact.

If you’re feeling down, take some time to evaluate your home. Are there any places that stand out as ‘those spaces’, that you can start thinking about? Maybe you need to add different colors (banish the beige!) or change the layout of a room. Interior design is a great way to express yourself, so don’t be afraid to experiment!

Being happy with your home affects every other aspect of your life. You’ll feel more relaxed and content, and you’ll be able to better focus on what’s important to you.

When you’re happy, you’re more productive and creative. Designing your home’s interior is all about creating spaces you love. In a slightly similar but actually different way (ha!!), interior design makes everyone at CoCreative Interiors happy (almost) all the time. Because we do what we love, our work spills into all areas of our lives.

Interior design can help you organize your home and declutter your life

A main goal of interior design is creating a space that is beautiful and comfortable, yes – but it can also help you to organize your home and declutter your life. For example, if you have a lot of furniture crammed into a small space, an interior designer can help you decide which pieces need to stay and which need to go. 

Getting rid of items that you don’t need and love will make your space feel more organized and lighter. You can also use interior design tricks to hide storage areas or create spaces that are specifically for storage.

If you have a lot of clutter in your life, modifying the interior design of your home can help to get rid of it. Clutter causes stress and anxiety, so it follows that getting rid of it can definitely lead to happier days. You can do this by using storage areas that are hidden from view or by choosing furniture and accessories that don’t take up a lot of space.

We use design to declutter your life by creating spaces for everything, and when everything has a spot, you’ll want to put things away. (Bonus, we’ll help you convince the rest of the family it’s COOL to put things away, too!)

Make your home more functional and comfortable with Interior Design 

No matter what specific challenges you have in your house, you can address them with “architectural” design. 

For example, if you have a small kitchen, you can use techniques like adding light color to the walls, installing a mirrored backsplash or choosing open shelving instead of cabinets to make it feel bigger. If you have a large family and don’t have enough bedrooms, you can use interior design to create spaces that are multi-functional, such as a home office that can also double as a guest bedroom.

One of the best things about playing with the interior design? Expressing your personality. Choose a style you love and use colors, patterns and textures that make you feel happy. When you adjust spaces to accommodate the function they serve, interior design is at play. 

window treatment curtains
Thibaut Design, Canopy Collection

interior design doesn’t have to be expensive 

One of the best things about interior design is that it doesn’t have to be expensive. You can create a beautiful and functional space without breaking the bank. 

Many people automatically think of ‘renovations’ when they hear ‘redesign’, but they are two totally different things. (Step away from the sledgehammer!)

Interior designers will sometimes suggest a reno, of course, but there’s often a lot that can be done with paint, rearranging or changing furniture, and adding accent pieces. 

In fact, there are many ways to personalize your space without spending a lot of money. For example, by targeting one room at a time, or adding in one or two custom pieces that really pull everything together. And knowing where to save and where to splurge helps, too.

Interior Design in Charlotte, North Carolina

Interior design may not be something you think about often, but it can play a HUGE role in your day-to-day happiness, often without you even realizing it. 

As interior designers, we put your happiness FIRST, and to do that we have to consider the function of a space as well as your wants and needs. Creating a pretty room that doesn’t serve its function, too, is a #projectfail.

Are you ready for some help improving your happiness through interior design in or around Charlotte? At CoCreative Interiors, our unique design model helps busy women who are stalled on home design projects, or who are unsatisfied with their attempts to design a space on their own, or who want creative direction and guidance (so they don’t have to do it alone).

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the process, or don’t know where to start, let us help! We love what we do, and we would love to work with you


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